Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tout Allure - Book Review

Tout Allure - Falling in Love in Rural France
by Karen Wheeler
MacArthur & Company 2010

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Karen Wheeler is an English Journalist who gave up the rat-race of London living to move to a quiet village near Poitiers in Central France. She has written 2 books about her experiences in France. The first one is called Tour Sweet in which she makes the decision to pack up and move, looking for a house to buy and them the actual move itself. The second book is called Tour Allure (Total Attraction) and is all about her love life in France. So if you dont normally read Chick Lit - then you are warned to stay away from these books.

At the beginning of this book, Karen has just broken up with her french boyfriend. She still has a long time english boyfriend floating around. Karen writes about juggling the english boyfriend, the new dog she gets, her job and deadlines, learning how to do Line Dancing, the very noisy Portugese neighbours from next door and how she acquires a new boyfriend - and let me tell you - that was NOT plain sailing. 

For light reading this book is actually very enjoyable. It is a pity that I read the second book first. However I do have the first book on reserve at the library. I love reading books about life in France and this one was just as good as all the others.

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Cozy in Texas said...

A friend of mine chose to move to the French coast and loves the slower pace.