Sunday, September 13, 2009

Deat Heat - Book Review

Dead Heat
by Joel C. Rosenberg
Tyndale 2008

The is the fifth and last book in the Jihad series. I reviewed the Copper Scroll (the 4th volume in the series) a few weeks ago. 4 Nuclear bombs are dropped on 4 US cities - Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle. Millions of people are killed.

Jon and Erin Bennett are in Jordan helping the refugees there. James McPherson, the president of the USA is killed when Los Angeles was nuked. He was at the democratic convention. Fortunately the Vice President was in Florida. He is quickly sworn in as president and he contacts the Bennetts asking then to come home from Jordan to help.

The Bennets dont make it home. Erin is killed on the road trip to the airport and Jon is kidnapped and sent to a terrorist nation.

The new government settles in at NORAD in Colorado. The question is - who dropped the nukes? Was it china? Or was it some other nation? When Oak starts the ball rolling for the USA to attack China, the situation becomes heated. But Oaks's decisions are not to the liking of some military officals. Oaks is convinced that the chinese did it and is shot for his decisions. The head of DHS becomes the new President.

The result comes in that the last second that the refined uranium from the nuclear fallout came from North Korea. Indira Rajiv (the Indian traitor from the Copper Scroll) confesses to Jon, who is in North Korea, that it was her idea of nuking the USA. She explains why she did it.

The world is out of balance. I don't beleive there should be only one superpower in the world. It's too dangerous. A country that is answerable to noone becomes arrogant, corrupt, bloodthirsty. And that is what has happened to America. She swaggers about the world as if she owns the place. She bombs civilians without mercy. She thinks she is superior to everyone else on the planet and its not right. The world is out of balance and I decided to set it right.

The Israelis perform a surgical mission to penetrate North Korea and rescue Jonathan Bennett. The new President fires nukes at North Korea. And right when the bombs explode, the rapture occurs.

The one thing I did not like was reading, on literally every single page, was an urging for someone to accept christ into their hearts and to become a follower of jesus and get a free ride to heaven, because this were the last days.

DUH these events were (or will be) created by MAN and not by God.
Those preaching parts were very sickening to read so I skipped over them.
I heard it at church every week as a child. So boring and repetitive.

As I said on the Copper Scroll review - Christians MUST understand that they are not supposed to be bringing about the end of the world. Only Jesus can do that, (as per the bible) and if jesus (god) chooses to not do that - well then thats his decision. The christians should not be trying to interpret what they think god wants them to do.

As we watch those Christians doing what they can to bring about the last days, do so because they desperately want to know that their faith in god is real and not a lie, not a delusion. The longer god stays away and does nothing, the more proof there is, that god either does not exist or chooses to not involve himself in the pettiness of humanity.

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