Friday, July 17, 2009

Handle with Care - Book review

Handle with Care
by Jodie Picoult
Simon & Schuster 2009
Authors website

Willow was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bone disease. This means that she breaks bones very easily. Sometimes just by turning over in bed.

The story begins with Willow and her family going to Disney World in Orlando for a visit. BUT one very important item is left at home. The letter fron the doctor about Willow. Thus when Willow falls down at Disney World and breaks her leg, (something she has done many times before) she is rushed to a local hospital. When the X-rays show numerous breaks in her bones, some old, some still healing, the authorities are called. Willows parents are arrested for child abuse and sent to jail. Willows sister Amelia is sent to a foster family.

Because it is the weekend, it is two days befor the family doctor can be contacted to confirm Willow's condition and the family are released. When they get home, Willow's father decides to sue Disney world.

When he speaks to a lawyer, he discovers that, under the law, the authorities at Disney World did their jobs as required by law. While the law means well, it does cause problems when uneducated and ignorant people make assumptions like the Disney World people did. Willow's father would definitely lose the case if he continued.

BUT says the lawyer - there is another possible case here. A wrongful birth where the obstetrics doctor did not inform the mother of a problem with the baby in a timely manner whereby the mother could have done something about it. (ie abortion)

Willows mother decides to sue her doctor. Her doctor also happens to be her best friend. When Piper (the doctor & friend) is served the papers, their 8 year friendship is over - just like that.

This is the story of the strain on the family, as the mother continues with the lawsuit. Her husband decides that he wants no longer wants to be part of it and he leaves the family

This story is told in 3rd person narration by people involved in the story all speaking to Willow. Willow gets her own voice in the last chapter after the lawsuit is over.

If you ever want to know about Osteogenesis Imperfecta, this is the best book and the most easy book to read in order to learn all about it. Ms Picoult has obviously done her research. You will have to read it to find out what the outcome was.

So far of the 4 books I have read - Jodie has written about two subjects - medicine and religion.

This is a review that said that this book (Handle with Care) was exactly like another book (My sister's keeper) which I reviewed a few days ago.

Yes it does seem that these are formulaic books. I will have to read more before I decide if that is good or bad. I will say this. I do like both stories I have read so far, where Jodi has written about religius history and themes.

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