Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Betrayal - Book Review

The Betrayal - The Lost Life of Jesus
by Kathleen O'Neal and W. Michel Gear
Tor Books 2008
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You might recognize the writers names as the authors of the "People of..." series of Novels. This book is also a novel.
The Year is 325 AD - a most critical year in the life of the Catholic church. The Council of Nicea, headed by Emperor Constantine, trying to decide which writings will be used in the church and which will not.

In the writings of Mary Magdalene, Philip, and James are clues to the real truth about Christ. But the church rejects these writings as they dont want a rebel for a god, they want a teacher and a leader, one who will come again and save his people.

Emperor Constantine declares these scrolls, and others like them, to be a "hotbed of manifold perversity". Constantine also decrees that anyone found reading or copying these texts will be executed as a Christian heretic.

There is an alternate story of the life of Jesus. It is a very HUMAN story, one that has been SUPPRESSED for 1900 centuries. The story in this novel is based on ACTUAL documents recovered from archaeological sites in the Middle East or respected repositories of ancient literature, such as the Vatican Library.

Nearly all the ancient texts verify that Jesus was crucified as the "King of the Jews". He was not, as many books and movies would have us believe, a meek and mild man who spent his time spinning tales (parables) and healing the sick. Such a Jesus would have been a threat to NOONE.

The historical Jesus DID theaten and enrage people, from the priestly aristocracy in Jerusalem Temple, to the Roman Prefect who finally condemned him to be crucified.


David Murdoch said...

The four gospels present a depiction of a loving God who heals the sick, casts out demons, proclaims the truth and is prophetic against wickedness. The gospels have many statements made by Jesus that are prophetic witness against the wickedness of the world. The Jesus of the gospels is the true Jesus; the Jesus presented in the gnostic literature is a deception and sometimes a harmful deception.

The council of nicaea did not suppress the truth of Jesus, but it re-affirmed what was being put into doubt about Jesus' incarnation as both God and man.

God Bless,

Historia said...

I guess this Mr Murdoch has not read my whole blog or he would know that last year I reviewed a book that shows exactly how Jesus's words were edited by the church to make him look like a god and not a rebel.
Misquoting Jesus

MR Murdoch does not show any sources (outside of the bible) to back up his statemetns. He expects me to blindly accept what he says as truth. That is how most christians behave.

MR Murdoch is attacking a NOVEL for goodness sake. WHY is he so scared of a NOVEL? This is exactly the same reaction displayed by the Catholic church against the the Da Vinci Code novel that came out a few years ago, That too was ONLY a novel.

I LOVE reading historical novels. I especially love reading those novels that have their sources and bibliographies printed at the back of the book.